Here at Office Bridge Group we are extremely proud of the team we are starting to put together, with our latest member Lucy Birchall. Our team now consists of Paul, Mike, Gill, Matt, Ellie, Paul B, Kenny, Matt G, Sophie and Lucy. We believe strongly in offering local people a chance to become a very important part of a rapidly growing team and all of our current staff members are from Runcorn, Widnes, Frodsham, Warrington, Wirral, Liverpool & Manchester.

Paul Newby
Paul NewbyDirector
Paul is the Founder and Director of Office Bridge Solutions. He set up, operating under a franchise back in 2005. After building a very strong business, Paul decided the time was right to move on alone. There have been up’s and down’s over the years, but his hard work, dedication and determination remains. Moreover, building a successful Office Products business is now coming to fruition, as he builds his team around him.

Paul is a football mad Evertonian, but despite being a ‘bitter blue’ he is very much a ‘family man’. With three girls of his own and grandchildren to both his eldest daughters, Paul is very busy.

Mike Astbury
Mike AstburyDirector
Co-owner and Director of Office Bridge Solutions, Mike joined Paul and Gill in the Business in September 2014. Paul and Mike had known each other since 2005 and had built a friendship and understanding over the years. Mike’s experience and ability is a fantastic asset. Within weeks of joining us Mike had brought all of his customers over to Office Bridge.

Mike is a family man and has three young children, so life is rather busy. He still attempts to play Football for a vet’s team in Cheshire and torments many defenses on a regular basis. We like to work with a smile on our face and Mike helps with his jokes and office banter. The down side to having Mike here is that he supports Manchester United…Oh well we can’t have everything.

Gill Yeo
Gill YeoAccounts - aka Office Dragon
Gill was the first of Paul’s recruits and since she started Gill has proved invaluable to Office Bridge Solutions. Successfully chasing invoices dating back 5 years, the office dragon has implemented systems within the accounts department. From doing this, Office Bridge has grown into what they are now. A self-motivated member of staff with a strong hunger, helping steer success at Office Bridge.

Lovely Gill adores family life and dotes on her Nieces, Nephews and God Children. She loves Christmas shopping! However, Gill buys presents throughout the year to annoy us when she announces everything is bought and wrapped. She is usually done by August! That’s what I call being organised. A very strong minded individual who knows exactly what she wants. If you know what’s best, shower Gill in gold and pizza and you’ll be in a strong position.

Kenny Rushton
Kenny RushtonDriver & Warehouse Operative
Kenny joined Office Bridge Group in September 2018 and from day one he has fit right in. With practical jokes, brew making and lots of hard work he has a bright future with us. Say hello to Kenny when you see him or give him a beep when you pass our van doing the rounds.

In his spare time Kenny manages Ryland FC of Warrington in the Mid-Cheshire league. Unfortunately, Kenny retired from the game himself at the ripe old age of 23 due to a knee and hip replacement. Keenly, Kenny passes on his wealth of experience from years of hiding on the wings pretending to play full-back. On a serious note it speaks volumes of the man. Giving up his own time to support his local club and the community come rain or shine.

Matt Eaves
Matt Eaves Account Manager - aka #MATTISM
Matt joined Office Bridge Solutions in 2015 and brought with him enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. He has worked in the industry for 15 years in numerous roles including Manufacturing, Operations, Purchasing and Sales. Therefore, Matt was the ideal fit for a rapidly expanding company. The impact he had was immediate and helped Office Bridge Solutions to move up to the next level. He secured corporate clients and streamlined logistics. Still to this day he continues to help us grow.

Our very own class clown and Matt was quickly given his very own hash tag #MATTISM. Coming out with phrases such as ‘’The Vienetta (Vietnam) War’’ and ‘’I’m not too shabby with these calculators’’. Always presentable and Matt takes care of his appearance. Until his new brown shoes need polishing, that is, ‘’my shoes are brown and polish is black’’. As an avid fan of Warrington Wolves, he doesn’t take too kindly to the great relationship we have with Widnes Vikings.

Ellie White
Ellie White Business Admin
Ellie joined the team in January 2017 and with her she brought much needed youth to the office. However, shows great maturity at Office Bridge Group. As an apprentice Ellie has started with little knowledge of Office Products. In just 3 months, she is already worth her weight in gold. With IT being second nature to Ellie she has very quickly picked up processes used within Office Bridge Solutions. Ellie knows the office system so well she now teaches the rest of the staff how to use it. Ellie is responsible for order processing, account management and general admin tasks. She has a very bright future ahead of her here at Office Bridge Solutions. Both directors Mike and Paul are very impressed and excited by her potential.

Young Ellie! Making the rest of the office feel ancient. Bringing energy and innocence to the team. The level of bad or Industrial language has substantially reduced since Ellie came on board. A very keen dancer, shopper and Starbucks drinker. Ellie keeps herself busy in her spare time and keeps us on our toes.

Lucy Birchall
Lucy BirchallAccount Manager
Firstly, Lucy may be our newest team member, but has hit the ground running since joining Office Bridge Group. She became a part of the team in February 2019 and has fit right in. Already cracking jokes and sharing funny stories, Lucy even remembers everyone’s brew preferences.

Yet another local employee, Lucy is from Widnes. She impressed us from the offset with her productive nature and vast customer service experience. It’s like she’s been with us for years! Getting involved day to day, supporting colleagues wherever possible, Lucy gives insight from her own experiences and knowledge. This allows for further progression for everyone in the company. The future looks bright with Lucy on our team and we look forward to finding out what else she has to offer.

Not only is Lucy confident and productive in the office, but she takes advantage of her spare time. Before joining the team, Lucy gained skills and experience in the beauty industry. Moreover, she offers services to her customers such as nails, hair and makeup. Building her own space, Lucy created a professional work environment for herself and her customers, which looks fantastic! She also enjoys spending quality time with her gorgeous German Shepherd, Narla. Taking her out for walks she also sees family and partner, Callum.

Paul Biggs
Paul BiggsBusiness Admin
Paul also from Runcorn, joined Office Bridge Group in July 2017. Starting as a Delivery Driver to Warehouse operative, he has quickly made himself a part of the furniture. Certainly, adapting very well to the fast pace of Office Bridge Group.

After impressing us during his first 6 months, Biggs has since been promoted to the roll of Business Admin. Unfortunately, our customers may not get to see his devilishly good looks anymore. However, he will still be as keen as ever to help you out via telephone, email or online.

In short, yet another member of staff that is Liverpool mad! (You can’t have everything I suppose)

Sophie Evans
Sophie EvansSocial Media Manager
To begin with, Sophie has only been with Office Bridge Group for a short period of time. However, already we have seen great improvements in our social media. Starting mid January 2019 we have seen progression within the company. We look forward to see where we go from here.

Another Liverpool supporter, but from the Wirral. Our team remains local across the North West. Furthermore, Sophie is finishing her University degree in Film Studies before continuing work with Office Bridge Group. In her spare time, she teaches hip-hop dance classes and enjoys photography and cinematography.

Matt Grainger
Matt GraingerGraphic Designer
To begin, Matt has only been with Office Bridge since November 2018. The progress we have made in this time has been remarkable. As an old friend of Mike’s, the pair have always discussed being part of a successful company. Additionally, Matt’s hard work, determination and passion for design has shone in his work. Our customers have been so pleased with the products, they come back for more!

Furthermore, Matt’s talent exceeds from printing and video graphics all the way to company branding. So, if you are searching for promotional items or visual content, Matt is your man! If that isn’t enough, Matt also juggles his own company, ‘Vinyl Soul’.

Finally, Matt is a family man and spends his spare time with his children, taking them as far as Atlanta for a cheer-leading competition. Although Matt is extremely busy, he still finds time to support Manchester United.