Why supporting schools is so important

Getting involved in aiding your local school’s success plays an important part in supporting teachers, students, and the local community. Additionally, it’s been found that parental involvement in children’s education from an early age has a significant effect on educational achievement, and continues to do so into adolescence and adulthood.

However, many ignore that the highest success rates in schools are due to three important groups offering comprehensive support to create the brightest futures – communities, parents and teachers.

The responsibility of delivering a positive learning experience for students often falls on the shoulders of all staff within the school. However, this point of view disregards the fact that a child’s experience in education can also be improved with help from outside the classroom.

To build put things in perspective, we’re sharing our three top reasons why it’s important to support your schools.

It encourages a sense of community

Parents frequently give back to schools through volunteering their time to assist with events, or just helping with simple tasks. When parents, teachers and children observe individuals outside of school being involved in their children’s education, it creates a sense of community and kindness that engrains within the school culture.

It empowers teachers

Teachers often have complex responsibilities for student welfare, administration, and the resources their class needs. Offering to help by volunteering your time or money can go a long way, enabling teachers to perform their jobs more effectively. Empowered teachers radiate confidence, which often spreads to their students and their school experience.

It brings the best out of the students

Whether schools have access to improved equipment and resources, more hands-on support or additional budget – all support will impact the school’s ability to give their students the best school life.


Ready to get started?

In our efforts to empower local communities, we’re delighted to be re-launching our ‘Support Your School’ campaign – aiming to both save you money and support local schools across the UK.

If you, your business, or family members currently purchase office products, we’ll look to reduce your current spending where possible. Additionally, we’ll make regular donations to a school of your choice based on every penny you spend with us.

Local schools can then use these donations to purchase products year on year. Which in turn, helps your chosen schools to keep fully stocked on essential resources.

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