Recap of an Unforgettable Event

In the heart of Runcorn, at the Heath Technical and Business Park, the 25th of January marked a pivotal day for Office Bridge Group. With an agenda packed with insightful talks, engaging exhibitions, and a grand prize draw, Office Bridge Live seamlessly blended professionalism with a touch of excitement.

Registration and Welcoming Atmosphere

The day kicked off with a warm welcome and registration. Attendees were greeted by the Office Bridge team, handed their exclusive goodie bags, and treated to a delightful spread of refreshments. The air buzzed with anticipation as industry professionals and enthusiasts gathered for a day of networking and knowledge-sharing.

Sustainability in Focus

After the warm welcome, Director Mike Astbury took the stage to introduce Office Bridge Live and set the tone for the day. The morning commenced with a thought-provoking Sustainability Talk by Centric Energy, shedding light on eco-friendly workplace practices and the impact of sustainable lighting solutions—an essential topic in today’s corporate landscape.

Mike expressed, “Sustainability is at the core of our values at Office Bridge Group. This event is not just about products; it’s about sharing ideas on shaping a future where businesses thrive responsibly.”

A Keynote Address from Drew Povey

A highlight of the event was the captivating talk by Drew Povey, renowned for his role in the Channel 4 TV show ‘Educating Greater Manchester.’ Povey shared insights on being courageous in life and business, highlighting his ‘COURAGE’ system to onlookers.

Reflecting on the event, Paul Newby, Owner of Office Bridge Group, remarked, “Drew’s perspective was truly enlightening. Success is not just about transactions; it’s about living your life with courage.”

Partner Talks and the Power of Collaboration

Following a networking lunch, attendees delved into Partner Talks, where key partners addressed frequently asked questions. This interactive session provided valuable insights into the offerings and strategies of Office Bridge Group’s partners, fostering a deeper understanding of the collaborative ethos.

Mike Astbury reiterated, “Our partners are integral to our success. Their expertise enriches our offerings, and this event is a testament to the strength of these partnerships.”

Exploration and Engagement in the Exhibition

The afternoon unfolded with a vibrant exhibition, featuring suppliers such as VOW Wholesale, Portwest, SC Johnson, and more. Attendees had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of products and engage directly with suppliers, gaining firsthand knowledge about the latest innovations in office supplies.

Thrills and Triumphs: The Grand Prize Draw

As the day neared its conclusion, the excitement peaked with the announcement of the competition prize draw. Attendees eagerly awaited the revelation of the lucky winners who would walk away with £500 holiday vouchers and £250 spending money—a fitting finale to an extraordinary day.

Paul Newby concluded, “Office Bridge Live was not just an event; it was a celebration of our industry. The energy, the insights, and the connections made—this is what drives us forward.”

Office Bridge Live emerged not only as a showcase of products but as a testament to the commitment of Office Bridge Group to innovation, sustainability, and fostering meaningful connections within the industry. As the sun set on this remarkable day, the echoes of inspiration and collaboration lingered, setting the stage for a future where the Office Supplies industry thrives in unity.