How air conditioning benefits your workforce

Air conditioning can be a very sensitive subject in the workplace, particularly at this time of the year. Even recently, the ‘perfect’ temperature in the workplace has been at the centre of academic studies, dividing genders on what temperature is deemed ‘comfortable’.

Regardless of recent debates, air conditioning systems offer a host of benefits in the workplace apart from the obvious – cooling you down. Here are our top three benefits:

Reduces presenteeism and procrastination

Air conditioning allows your workforce to maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the day, which can dramatically reduce the time needed to get comfortable, re-adjust clothing or those trips to the water cooler.

Additionally, experiencing strong heat or cold can sap our energy levels much faster than normal, which in turn impacts our immune systems – causing fatigue or even illness.

Having the facility to maintain your workplace at a temperature that works for everyone will reduce presenteeism, bring comfort and put less strain on everyone’s immune systems.

Protection from pollutants and odours

Most office spaces in busy city centres or metropolitan areas are likely to be exposed to a variety of pollutants and fumes on a day-to-day basis.

With pollution due to heavy traffic, public transport and industrial buildings on the doorstep of city centre workers, having air conditioning in your workplace protects your team and reduce the chances of exposure.

Having filtered air will allow your workforce to breathe clean air that’s pure and work in comfort, without distractions or risks to their health and well-being.

Protection for allergy sufferers

Air conditioning systems with filtration can greatly benefit allergy sufferers, as these systems can remove pollen, animal dander and other contaminants that may sneak into the workplace.

This will reduce allergy symptoms and in turn reduce discomfort or time away from desks, particularly for hay fever sufferers in the hotter months or when the pollen count is high.

Let us know the size of your workplace and we’ll recommend the perfect air conditioner to bring comfort and clean air to your office.

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