Four reasons why workwear is an essential investment

When we hear the word ‘workwear’, we automatically picture people on a building or worksite needing hi-vis, steel toe-capped boots and hard hats. Despite most people believing that workwear is just for manual occupations, such as construction and trades – workwear offers so much for all businesses, no matter what sector you’re in.

Bringing up the subject of workwear or ‘uniform’, as most people know it, often gets a mixed reaction in some sectors. However, there are plenty of advantages to workwear that aren’t so clear-to-see – until you look a little closer.

That’s why we’re helping you to put things into perspective, with our top four reasons why workwear should be an essential investment for every business.

1. You’ll make an amazing first impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the way your workforce is dressed will immediately give a positive or negative perception of what kind of operation they’re walking into. Although we don’t verbalise it, how staff are dressed has a significant impact on how we measure overall service. Past studies have suggested that with an investment in a business’ appearance via workwear and uniforms, they’re able to control internal and external perceptions more accurately, even producing improvements in profit levels.

2. You’ll champion safety in your workplace

In addition to the obvious – protecting your workforce from common and uncommon hazards. Customer-facing businesses have an obligation to protect visitors coming into their environment. Having essentials available such as disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses and earplugs or even hi-vis clothing can be a cost-effective way ensuring of visitors’ safety and provide a welcoming atmosphere.

3. You’ll market your business effectively

Simply put, workwear is an effective method to showcase your business, in particular when it’s embroidered with your company logo and colours. Previous studies have proven that branded uniforms can be as effective as the internet, newspaper, TV or radio as a marketing tool.

4. You’ll bring uniformity to your business

Even simplistic workwear such as a collared or polo shirt, tailored trousers, and coordinated knitwear offers a cohesive and consistent look. Buying on behalf of your entire workforce, including individual departments where necessary will ensure it is the right uniform and not a cheaper, inferior quality alternative, and can result in better buying power based on volume.

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