Coffee House Case Study

About The Coffee House

Founded in 2011 by two brothers, the first store opened up in the village of Lymm to the positive reception of locals and visitors. Fast forward nearly ten years, and now The Coffee House has opened up it’s 10th location as it strives ‘to be recognised as the leading coffee operator in the North of England’. The Coffee House prioritises new product ideas, store design and team development.

After meeting with owner Chris, we discovered that one main issue The Coffee House was suffering from was a lack of cost-effective methods & processes for delivering the results they required. The current set-up was costing too much money and needed a solution implemented fast. One of the main areas for development was the products they stocked for cleaning and maintaining hygiene: they were non-specialised and often duplicated, leading to unnecessary expenditure. A further area in which they needed assistance with, was the lack of understanding and processes amongst the staff, which included insufficient legal documents in place for accidents etc… as well as no COSHH training for the on-site staff, which is vital for handling chemicals with significantly reduced risk.

As well as supplying The Coffee House locations with new and improved products and systems, we saw an opportunity to provide training for all their staff which ensured that the correct chemicals were being used to help maintain exceptional hygiene standards. The range of chemicals we provided will reduce expenditure and allow for a single-source solution moving forward.

Improvements made by TSS Hygiene

Below are some of the products and processes we introduced on site and why:

● Installed chemical dispensers called Ultra Dose. These are easy to operate and control the costs of the chemical use, as they fire 1 shot into a trigger bottle and 4 shots into a bucket – maximising the efficiency of how much chemical solution would be used and helping to control unnecessary waste.
● The COSHH training provided a great tool for the staff to develop, it has helped with the understanding of the chemicals they use, but more importantly the staff feel more confident and have better understanding on how to deal with any issues or accidents involving chemicals. This has increased safety across the site as well as the stock management.
● We installed a colour coded cleaning system that helps to control cross contamination by assigning different colours to the different areas of the coffee shops to be cleaned, for example Red for Toilets and Washrooms only, Blue for Front of House Surfaces.
● Finally, we drew up a cleaning schedule that allowed The Coffee House to keep an official record of the cleaning completed and then have a document to present to any future EHO visits. We gave them all the safety data sheets and information sheets for each chemical they now use, which they can store in a file for each location and can access when needed.

Customer Feedback

The feedback from all these changes has been overwhelmingly positive with the staff particularly noting their newfound confidence in the cleaning systems in place and the individual chemicals they are using across the sites.

“As a fast-growing hospitality operator with business units across multiple locations, we have found that inconsistencies came to exist in some of the ways we were using cleaning products. As an essential part of our daily operating processes, and with the ongoing enhanced measures due to Covid, we engaged with TSS to ensure that we had the best solution in place for managing our stores.

TSS did this by analysing our operation and highlighting which products would be necessary to maintain the high standards our customers would expect. Solutions to manage the consumption of chemicals were provided and, importantly, installed with all the relevant data sheets to ensure compliance.

Fast forward, and our entire operation is functioning with these systems, allowing us to operate with absolute confidence that we are maintaining our stores correctly and that this is being done consistently across all sites.”

– Chris Shelmerdine, Director @ The Coffee House


The long-term results that these changes and additions will deliver is an overall reduction in waste as well as a reduction in costs as a knock-on effect of more informed chemical use and more efficient amounts of time spent on cleaning tasks.


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