Here at Office Bridge Solutions we have decided to look at a rebrand to help demonstrate the full range of services that are available to our customers.

For more than 10 years Office Bridge Solutions have been at the front of our customers minds when it comes to Printer Cartridges and Stationery. However, we have so much more to offer whilst maintaining our excellent levels of service, product knowledge, product quality and competitive pricing. Until now these additional services have been our best kept secrets.

When Gary Vere joined the team as Design and Print Director, we utilised his expertise to illustrate the complete range of the company’s services. We started with the idea of creating a group (Office Bridge Group) which will incorporate the services as their own divisions. First we segmented our services into the following divisions, Office Bridge Furniture, Office Bridge Print, Office Bridge Promo Ideas which left the remaining General Office Products (Paper, Pens, Printer Cartridges…) under the umbrella of Office Bridge Solutions.

Along with this we gave each division its own website not only to demonstrate our capabilities but to also make our customers shopping experience much easier and specific to their needs. Our new websites are as follows:


These sites can now be found under the Office Bridge Group umbrella:

Once this had been agreed it was now time to create our new brand. The divisions were a starting point, illustrated as the different coloured people within the logo (Our customers). We then incorporated (Our products) raining down onto our customers, the logo itself was kept circular to show we are a group and to bring together the close relationships we like to build with our customers.

This was the result: