Why businesses need print in 2022

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Why businesses need print in 2022 The biggest challenge in every business is establishing clear communication between you and your prospects. It’s very easy for your target market to become bored or disinterested with persistent online contact or emails. Have you considered the proven approach to promoting your brand and reaching your prospects - print media? [...]

Why supporting schools is so important

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Why supporting schools is so important Getting involved in aiding your local school’s success plays an important part in supporting teachers, students, and the local community. Additionally, it’s been found that parental involvement in children’s education from an early age has a significant effect on educational achievement, and continues to do so into adolescence and adulthood. [...]

Preparing for 2022: New Year Medical Supplies

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Preparing for 2022: New Year Medical Supplies With the turn of the year right around the corner, many of us are excited to see what 2022 holds. However, it’s important we make sure that when the new year comes through, our team are prepared and protected in their workspaces with up-to-date medical supplies, legal compliance, and [...]

Coffee House Case Study

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Coffee House Case Study About The Coffee House Founded in 2011 by two brothers, the first store opened up in the village of Lymm to the positive reception of locals and visitors. Fast forward nearly ten years, and now The Coffee House has opened up it’s 10th location as it strives ‘to be recognised as the [...]

Sustainability in Business

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Sustainability in Business The Effect of Eco-Conscious Workwear When it comes to implementing sustainability across your supply chain, the commonly thought of areas or ranges affected and most notably impacted are facility supplies, technology and the novel office supplies like notebooks and bamboo pens. Where this is certainly a fantastic start to the immense undertaking of [...]

2020 I The Deals of The Decade I Promotional

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February is Promo Month! Promotional Products are ideal for growing businesses. Eye catching Designs. Branded Merchandise. We have it all. Certainly offering new deals every week. Keep an eye out throughout 2020. Deals are based on the product ranges we supply. Most impo rtantly, we provide further savings every week. In February, we're focusing on promotional offers, [...]

2020 I The Deals of the Decade I Workwear

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January is Workwear Month! Workwear can be expensive! Wear and tear results in consistent purchases to maintain worker protection. We can help. Firstly, Office Bridge offer new deals every week. Keep an eye out throughout 2020. As a result, our deals are based on the product ranges we supply. Each Month is a new range. For [...]

Print & Design at Office Bridge

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April is Print & Design Month! Have an idea? But don't know how to turn it into an eye-catching, stand out piece of design? We can help! To begin, Office Bridge Group have your business printing covered! We provide a full design and print service, ensuring there is no hassle. All of our printed products are [...]

Social Media Mad | Social Media Manager

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Do you follow us on Social Media? Welcome Sophie Evans, our new Social Media Manager. Firstly, Sophie is taking over all our social media platforms. If you don’t follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or even Instagram, you should! The pages are linked on the icons at the top of the page. We post the latest offers [...]